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In Loving Memory of Nathaniel "Nate" Boerlin - January 16, 1991 - April 20, 2007


Past Recipients of the Scholarship


The Nathaniel Boerlin Memorial Scholarship Fund is dedicated to the passions of Nate Boerlin. Nate was a proud 16 year old honor student at Kingsway Regional High School who also excelled as a percussionist. Nate was a member of the marching band and concert band at Kingsway. In addition, Nate was selected for the All South Jersey Wind Ensemble and Rowan University's Side by Side Band.

Nate died suddenly in April 2007, from complications of a GBM, GLIOBLASTOMA MULTIFORME, an aggressive stage IV brain cancer.

This perpetual scholarship is given to a respected and deserving graduate from KRHS each year who emulates Nate's passions for learning and music.


Elizabeth DeLoach & Katie Forth     Anthony Dittert & Jordan Kelley
2021 - Elizabeth DeLoach & Katie Firth     2020 -Anthony Dittert & Jordan Kelley
Kellie Mooney & Lindsay Krott     Kyle Blackburn
2017 -Kellie Mooney & Lindsay Krott     2013-Kyle Blackburn
Tori Schober     Robert McIntyre 2011
2012-Tori Schober     2011-Robert McIntyre
Julia Bradbury     Dylan Brewers 2009
2010-Julia Bradbury     2009-Dylan Brewer
John Floyd II     Eric Henney
2008 - John Floyd II
2007- Eric Henney



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